Friday, March 31, 2017

Alaska Skies Review

Hooray!! After the not so great book I finished the other day, I am back with one I loved. Alaska Skies by Debbie Macomber is made up of the first two books in the Midnight Sons Series, Brides for Brothers and The Marriage Risk. It was exactly what I needed as a #comfortread to get me back on track. I always fly through her books and get sucked in by the characters.

In Brides for Brothers we meet Sawyer who owns a bush-plane charted service with his two brothers in a teeny tiny town north of the Arctic Circle. The town is full of men and in serious need of women. So in need that many of his pilots have threatened to leave town if women didn't start showing up. Now I swear I have read that somewhere before but I didn't recognize anything else from the story.

So the men come up with a plan that Sawyer is not fond of, put out ads in the paper in larger cities inviting women to come work and receive free land after making it a year. 

Abbey lives in Seattle with her two children and things aren't looking great. Her rent is going up and she is losing her job. She sees an ad in the paper for a librarian position and decides it is exactly what she needs. Plus the promise of free housing and and after a year will give her children the stability she wants. Only she forgets to mention her children.

I won't give it all away because it was such a fun read. But as you can imagine things aren't exactly what they seem when she arrives and with two children in tow Sawyer tries to get rid of her. I'm sure with the aspect of being a single mom, and Sawyer's issues from his parents marriage, this was supposed to hit some serious notes. But to me it was just sweet and their story was comical.

In that first story we learned about a woman named Catherine and her feud with Sawyer's family. So in the second story, The Marriage Risk, when Catherine's granddaughter Lanni shows up to clean out her grandmother's house, you know trouble is on the horizon. 

 Charles, Sawyer's brother has hated the idea of bringing women to town from the beginning. It also has to do with his parents and his disgust for marriage in general. But he is immediately attracted to Lanni. And the next thing you know they are both in love with each other. Seriously. This was the only part of the story I didn't really care for. I understand their's was more of a story about past issues that falling in love, but give a girl a little build up!

When Charles finally finds out who Lanni is he of course can't be with her. His mother gets involved. Her brother gets involved. Honestly, it was a little anticlimactic. I did really enjoy the read though and look forward to the next story. I think it will be about Lanni's brother?? Not sure. But we learned a lot about him so I wouldn't be surprised.

As always, Macomber knows how to tell a good love story in a way I don't feel other authors do. I love a great sexy adult book. But sometimes it's just so nice to read a clean romance that still has family at the heart of the story.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Two of a Kind Review

Well, today is a sad day. I finally have to admit that I didn't like a book by one of my favorite authors. I am normally a HUGE fan of Nora Roberts. I own dozens of her books and get really excited when I find one I haven't read. So a few months ago, while perusing my favorite second hand shop, I found Two of a Kind. That sucker went into my basket so fast and I'm pretty sure I started it that night. Months ago.

Two of a Kind is made up of two mini novels, Impulse and The Best Mistake. Let me say right off the bat that while I know she wrote both, it doesn't seem like it. And let me also clarify I like romance. It's my #comfortread. I am not a fan of fantasy. Occasionally I enjoy one but it just isn't my cup of tea in general. I like a story that could actually happen.

While Impulse is not a fantasy novel, the amount of cheese involved sure had me fooled.

***Spoilers ahead***

The story centers around Rebecca, a responsible, capable and boring girl. When her aunt, whom she is exactly like, dies she realizes she needs to change. She quits her job and packs it all in for a few months of travel. That I get. That is believable. Sort of. What isn't believable is the guy she meets while in Greece. Stephen. The most disgusting male character ever! I don't think she intended for him to come across that way but you know when you are reading you picture the characters. And this guy came off as a greasy, suited, serial killer type. He's a stalker. Not really but you get me. And is pushy. And she puts up a good act before she gives up the goods. I'm sure you can imagine how it ends.

This story took me months to read. Months. I just really didn't like him. At all. It was a hard and very disappointing read for me as like I've said, I usually love all of her books. Thankfully I pushed through and finally finished it. And started the second story.

The Best Mistake was a completely different read. I could imagine the story actually happening. It's about a woman named Zoe and her little boy. They take on a renter, Cooper. They fall in love quickly, as with most romance stories. But their story was so sweet and centered around this woman's love for her child. As a mom myself, maybe this is why I loved it so much. My only complaint about the second story is that it was too short and seemed to end abruptly.

I look forward to more of Nora Roberts stories as she has not let me down. Even this book redeemed itself.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Isle of the Lost and Return to Isle of the Lost

I have finally gotten around to reading Return to Isle of the Lost by Melissa De La Cruz. I read The Isle of the Lost a long, long time ago and loved it. I loved the sequel just as much!

My favorite books to read are romance, disaster and anything about the Holocaust. Eclectic right?? But I am also a pretty huge Disney fan. Like a HUGE fan! So these were both up my alley.

Another thing I loved about these books, they were about the Villains! I love the Villains. Especially Maleficent! So when I heard this was a series (I say that because I'm hoping for more than two) about their children, it was a must read.

I would say the first was a really good set up and the second had "all the juicy details", as my 9 year old would say.

I would consider the main character to be Mal, daughter of Maleficent.  But she is supported closely by Evie, daughter of Evil Queen, Jay, son of Jafar, and Carlos, son of Cruella de Vil.

In the first book we learn about the Isle and why the Villains are there. We learn how they live and their back story. In the second part of the book we follow their move to Auradon and the characters that live there. By the way, I belong in Auradon! The book ends with the big fight and the Villains fate looks sealed.

In the second we learn that things may not be as final as we thought in the first. As we follow "The Villains" on their mission we also learn that Ben, son of Beast and Belle and the new King of Auradon, has his hands full with evil as well.

You will get a good glimpse at all of your favorite Disney characters, by the way their children are portrayed.  And you will learn that good does always trump evil. It wouldn't be Disney if that weren't the case. The book is told from the perspectives of the five main characters. And each is vastly different.

I would say that the first could definitely be a stand alone but I would recommend reading it before you start the second. You may miss things otherwise.

They are funny. So funny. And while I bought them for myself, both of my girls, 9 and 12, read it and loved it.

The author left the ending open for a third book. So I am hopeful to learn more about my favorite Disney characters soon!