Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Isle of the Lost and Return to Isle of the Lost

I have finally gotten around to reading Return to Isle of the Lost by Melissa De La Cruz. I read The Isle of the Lost a long, long time ago and loved it. I loved the sequel just as much!

My favorite books to read are romance, disaster and anything about the Holocaust. Eclectic right?? But I am also a pretty huge Disney fan. Like a HUGE fan! So these were both up my alley.

Another thing I loved about these books, they were about the Villains! I love the Villains. Especially Maleficent! So when I heard this was a series (I say that because I'm hoping for more than two) about their children, it was a must read.

I would say the first was a really good set up and the second had "all the juicy details", as my 9 year old would say.

I would consider the main character to be Mal, daughter of Maleficent.  But she is supported closely by Evie, daughter of Evil Queen, Jay, son of Jafar, and Carlos, son of Cruella de Vil.

In the first book we learn about the Isle and why the Villains are there. We learn how they live and their back story. In the second part of the book we follow their move to Auradon and the characters that live there. By the way, I belong in Auradon! The book ends with the big fight and the Villains fate looks sealed.

In the second we learn that things may not be as final as we thought in the first. As we follow "The Villains" on their mission we also learn that Ben, son of Beast and Belle and the new King of Auradon, has his hands full with evil as well.

You will get a good glimpse at all of your favorite Disney characters, by the way their children are portrayed.  And you will learn that good does always trump evil. It wouldn't be Disney if that weren't the case. The book is told from the perspectives of the five main characters. And each is vastly different.

I would say that the first could definitely be a stand alone but I would recommend reading it before you start the second. You may miss things otherwise.

They are funny. So funny. And while I bought them for myself, both of my girls, 9 and 12, read it and loved it.

The author left the ending open for a third book. So I am hopeful to learn more about my favorite Disney characters soon!

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