Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Two of a Kind Review

Well, today is a sad day. I finally have to admit that I didn't like a book by one of my favorite authors. I am normally a HUGE fan of Nora Roberts. I own dozens of her books and get really excited when I find one I haven't read. So a few months ago, while perusing my favorite second hand shop, I found Two of a Kind. That sucker went into my basket so fast and I'm pretty sure I started it that night. Months ago.

Two of a Kind is made up of two mini novels, Impulse and The Best Mistake. Let me say right off the bat that while I know she wrote both, it doesn't seem like it. And let me also clarify I like romance. It's my #comfortread. I am not a fan of fantasy. Occasionally I enjoy one but it just isn't my cup of tea in general. I like a story that could actually happen.

While Impulse is not a fantasy novel, the amount of cheese involved sure had me fooled.

***Spoilers ahead***

The story centers around Rebecca, a responsible, capable and boring girl. When her aunt, whom she is exactly like, dies she realizes she needs to change. She quits her job and packs it all in for a few months of travel. That I get. That is believable. Sort of. What isn't believable is the guy she meets while in Greece. Stephen. The most disgusting male character ever! I don't think she intended for him to come across that way but you know when you are reading you picture the characters. And this guy came off as a greasy, suited, serial killer type. He's a stalker. Not really but you get me. And is pushy. And she puts up a good act before she gives up the goods. I'm sure you can imagine how it ends.

This story took me months to read. Months. I just really didn't like him. At all. It was a hard and very disappointing read for me as like I've said, I usually love all of her books. Thankfully I pushed through and finally finished it. And started the second story.

The Best Mistake was a completely different read. I could imagine the story actually happening. It's about a woman named Zoe and her little boy. They take on a renter, Cooper. They fall in love quickly, as with most romance stories. But their story was so sweet and centered around this woman's love for her child. As a mom myself, maybe this is why I loved it so much. My only complaint about the second story is that it was too short and seemed to end abruptly.

I look forward to more of Nora Roberts stories as she has not let me down. Even this book redeemed itself.

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